Friday, June 14, 2013

Polka Dot Tablecloth

Another project I tackled on my recent crafting spree is this DIY polka dot tablecloth from Oh Happy Day! I don't usually cover my dining table, but this simple design really spoke to me. I bought a $10 tan tablecloth at Burlington, then spread it over a tarp in my garage and stamped the dots on, freehand, with the roundest sweet potato I could find at Easy-Way. It took about an hour. I absolutely LOVE the finished product! It was just what my dining room needed - a little visual interest without a lot of loud colors. I also like that all the dots are slightly different and imperfect. (My dad thinks they look like MRIs of a healthy brain. LOL.) The same technique on placemats could be a fun summer craft for kids. You could carve the potato stamp into any shape you want.

If you try this, be warned that the potato will drink up a LOT of paint. I started with one bottle of Tulip matte white fabric paint. Ha ha! It lasted for four rows of dots. So the project halted for several days while I fruitlessly searched for more of the same kind, eventually switching to a generic all-media craft paint. Thankfully, you can't tell a difference between the two paints. In the meantime, I kept the potato in the fridge so it wouldn't rot, and it absorbed a lot less paint on the second go-round. Good to know for the future.

Happy Friday!


  1. So thats what you do with the potato once it gets cold. I wish I had known in childhood.

  2. Great project. It does sound like something fun to try with the kids. We've done apple stamping before and that was a lot of fun.

    1. The world of fruit and vegetable stamping is all new to me! :)

  3. Aaaaah this is gorgeous. I'm adding this idea to my DIY for when I finally get my own place :D