Monday, July 29, 2013

Family Visit

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I haven't been very present here lately because of this little girl! Debra and Niecy were in town for over a week - they just left yesterday afternoon. On Friday my brother Kevin came down from Indiana, making our family gathering almost complete (my BIL Lance was at camp with his church kids).

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Niecy is 14 months old. It's a challenging but VERY fun age. She's running around and participating in conversations (although we can't understand most of what she says yet). I've never been involved in a baby's day-to-day life before, so I really enjoyed the week of helping to care for her and getting to know her better. She and Debra stayed at our parents', but I was basically over there any time I wasn't sleeping or at work. My diapering skills are pretty solid now!

We hung out at my house a couple of times and bonded over books and shoes. She's already a girl after my own heart.

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On Saturday we introduced my sibs to Jerry's Sno Cones, a Memphis institution that my parents and I just discovered about a month ago. Kevin was agog at how long the line was, but I assured him that last time we were there, it wrapped around the building. It's worth the wait though!

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Niecy hadn't seen her Uncle Kev Kev since April, but they bonded quickly.

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Yesterday we attended my parents' church as a family. This is the only group pic we have from the weekend.

I'm very thankful to have had such a long sister and niece visit, but I am STRUGGLING now to get back into normal life and feel totally overwhelmed by my to-do list. It's rough when you know you can't accomplish everything for the week, but you can't cut anything out either.


  1. Niecy is certainly blessed to have such a loving extended family. She is so precious.

  2. You can do it! I hear you though. Sometimes I just end up throwing my to-do list out the window, well really into the trashcan on weeks like that.

  3. She is seriously too stinking cute.