Friday, August 30, 2013

What I'm Into: August

Time to link up with HopefulLeigh again for What I'm Into!


August General Highlights:
I had an excellent 34th birthday with friends and family, went to Miami and the Keys, and continued my Story 101 class. It was an eventful month (so why do I often feel like I have nothing to talk about here?). Oh, and I bought a domain... changes are on the way! :)



Book roundup on the way as usual, but these were my favorite reads this month! I read Burn for Burn on my Kindle in the airport, and when a cute guy asked me what I was reading, I had no idea what to say. I figured "a young adult novel about smart girls getting revenge" would get me a raised eyebrow at least. Most of what I read needs an explanation, and sounds weirder the longer I describe it. Does anyone else have this problem? How do you deal with it? I guess the only way to avoid it is to read exclusively classics or Top 10 bestsellers.


I watched Friends With Kids on Netflix. I can't wholeheartedly recommend it to all because it definitely earns its R rating, but it was surprisingly profound and touching. It also hit a lot of emotional triggers for me. I thought about it for days.


My friend Myla Smith just released another music video! "Can't Say No" is the first single from her new album, Hiding Places, which drops September 10. I'll be giving away three copies of the album here next week, so stay tuned!

This intense, fearless Amy and Travis routine is my favorite of this So-Dance season. (Runner-up: this week's similar Paul & Hayley dance. It got me in the intro when he said, "This dance is about me showing Hayley I'm going to be there for her." Sob!) Amy is incredible and I'm SO excited that she and Fik-shun are in the finale. I seem to have a knack for calling the top two during the auditions (exhibit B: Melanie and Marko).

I'm probably the last person to learn about Henri the French cat, but he's cracking me up.


My top spins of the month: "Wake Me Up" by Avicii, "Roar" by Katy Perry, and "Best I Ever Had" by Gavin de Graw. The latter is a great example of a big-picture story told in few words. I don't know what to think about the "Roar"/"Brave" controversy since I'm a big fan of both ladies. In my case, Katy has a slight edge for the lyric "I've got the eye of the tiger."  #GoTigersGo

The Internets:

Like many people, I've become slightly obsessed with Forty Days of Dating. The forty days are almost up, and I feel like I'm watching the last few seconds before a terrible train wreck. But maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised.

Blog Love:

♥ Conversion Diary went to a brewery and got a one-eyed cat.

♥ Jimmy Cornfoot analyzes celebrity and depravity in light of the VMAs, Lady Gaga, and Walter White.

A beautiful love poem for people who have already done some living and loving.

♥ TRUTH from my new favorite blogger, Leanne Penny: Grief Is Awkward.

♥ Jonalyn Fincher shares a moment of holy sorrow. I've had many similar experiences.

♥ Storyline Blog on why loving stuff to the point of ridicule is a good thing.

♥ Kindred spirit Alece Ronzino checks in on how she's finding Blessed Assurance.

Feel free to share your August faves!


  1. That movie, Friends with Kids, sounds intriguing - I'll have to check it out!

    1. It's good, but be aware that it's pretty vulgar in parts!

  2. Never fear! You knew of Henry the Cat before I did (your post just introduced me). Love it!

    1. I heard of him via a news story about a cat-videos film fest in Minnesota! My friend was like "Look how lame this is" and I was like "I'D GO!" LOL.

  3. This reminds me I've been wanting to read Dear Sugar. LOVED Travis's dance with Amy. He can do no wrong in my eyes. I, however, am rooting for Aaron or Jasmine to win. I can't wait for 40 Days of Dating to come back with new posts and finally let us in on how the experiment ended!

    1. I know, it's like torture waiting to find out what happened! I hope they do a follow-up, too, since this all happened months ago now.

  4. I'm your new favorite? That make me squeak happily in a public coffee shop... lol.

    And I had mixed feelings about Friends with Kids too... because the story was good, and I felt the vulgarity was just put in there for unnecessary shock value. Maybe? I don't know...

    1. I know, it did seem gratuitous, but I guess the writer was just being true to herself?

      Thanks for visiting and commenting! :)