Monday, September 9, 2013

Tiger Football and a Late Summer

This year is the first time I've bought season tickets to Tiger football as well as basketball. I also get to tailgate with Kathy and Daniel at Tiger Lane all season (which is almost more exciting to me than the game - I'm less obsessive passionate about football). Their friends from their son's school have a spot and are graciously letting me hang out.

Saturday was our first game, against Duke, and Tiger Lane was packed. We saw tents set up in the parking lots all the way to Central, and a long row of RVs. As far as I'm concerned, we've officially arrived!

Unfortunately, our defensive line couldn't play the entire game, so we lost 28-14. But it was a (comparatively) good showing and excitement about the team is still high. Memphis is a basketball town, so our football expectations remain low, making us easy to please.

Oh and I got a hit of deja vu watching the band's halftime show - part of the drill was eerily similar to my senior year opener in high school. Yes, there are only so many field formations, but I really wonder if one of my former bandmates is writing drill for them.

In related news, the heat has finally arrived after Labor Day. Yesterday was officially the hottest day of the year (glad it wasn't my imagination). It's a small price to pay for such a pleasant summer, but it sure makes it hard to comprehend fall. I'm ready to enjoy my new hammock! My old hammock was unraveling after seven years (a respectable life), so I found a good end-of-season deal on a new one. I hung it yesterday and it felt like laying on a cloud! I didn't realize how rough those old ropes had gotten.

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