Thursday, December 12, 2013

Jewelry Winner

jewelrywin (2)

Sweater: Uniqlo // Cami: Old Navy // Denim pencil skirt: Gap
Lips: Revlon Black Cherry // Nails: OPI I've "Red" The Script
Necklace and Earrings: Ruth Barzel Jewelry Design

Two weeks ago, I won a giveaway on my favorite fashion blog, Wardrobe Oxygen! I'm pretty sure it's the first blog giveaway I've ever won, and it was a great one - a $100 credit to Ruth Barzel Jewelry Design. After I got the happy news, I had a hard time choosing just one or two of Ruth's gorgeous pieces, and figuring out whether to stick with the credit or put it toward a larger investment. I was very tempted by the Starfish Necklace and the Mixed Chain Necklace. But eventually...

jewelrywin (3)

...I settled on the Long Turquoise Pendant and the Mint Amazonite Earrings. I've been on the lookout for more yellow gold jewelry, and I like the simplicity and boldness of the turquoise square.

jewelrywin (4)

Here's a better look at the earrings! They're the same size, shape, and color as one of my most frequently worn pairs, which are plastic/aluminum and starting to look rough. As I get older, I'm getting more sensitive to fake metals (womp womp). So I jumped at the chance to "upgrade" to these nice silver hooks and real stones!

Thanks so much Allie and Ruth! You've made my holiday season happier. Also, thanks to my friend Stacy for taking these pictures outside in the freezing cold.


  1. You look fantastic in these pieces, and I love what you chose! I am so happy that you won the giveaway and love the jewelry! Hope you have a happy holiday season! <3

    BTW love your glasses :)

  2. Such cute pieces! Good choices :)

  3. Ooh those are beautiful pieces! I enter giveaways on blogs all the time and have never managed to win one, ha. Congrats!