Thursday, May 6, 2010

Honest Things

My friend Laura tagged me for an honesty meme. So here's some honesty:

♥ I watch a lot of things on the elliptical machine that I would never sit down and watch otherwise. Like Tough Love: Couples or 50 Cutest Child Stars. But Soapnet just moved One Tree Hill reruns back to my elliptical time, so now I can watch that instead!

♥ It's a struggle for me to remember that I don't have to live up to other people's standards. I've made some progress away from perfectionism and finding my worth in accomplishments, but it's hard to hang on to when I see other goal-oriented people refusing to relax, or people skinnier than I refusing to have dessert. :\

♥ I resent it when grammar cops lurk around waiting to correct any minor grammar mistake. As Dave Barry put it, "I cannot overemphasize the importance of good grammar. What a crock. I could easily overemphasize the importance of good grammar. For example, I could say 'Bad grammar is the leading cause of slow, painful death in North America,' or 'Without good grammar, the United States would have lost World War II.'"

♥ I have deeper friendships with a few people on the internet than with other people whom I've known in person for years. I don't think this should be considered weird. It wasn't weird back when they were called pen pals!

♥ I've wanted to sponsor a child (through Compassion or something) for years, but have never signed up because I'm worried that someday we won't be able to afford the bill anymore and then we'll be stuck.

♥ Sometimes I feel like I can't deal with the atmosphere and mind games of corporate America for one more day.

♥ I love Hanson and I am not ashamed. If you think they finished with "Mmmbop," you're missing out. They're still making music and are actually pretty indie now. I saw them at the House of Blues in Orlando last fall and it was one of the best concerts of my life.

♥ For the first time in my adult life, I'm not sticking to a rigorous "quiet time" schedule or guilting myself if I don't do certain things. And I feel pretty good about it. In fact, I'm hungrier than ever to learn about God.

♥ I'm seriously re-evaluating my beliefs about gender roles. I think maybe there's more than one way to be a Godly woman. Some things I've been taught aren't standing up to experience.

♥ I'm often hungrier after eating my lunchtime Lean Cuisine than I was before. Why does that happen?!?


  1. Great post! I still need to do my honesty list. :)

    So true about grammar! I'm not completely guilt-free of whining about grammatical errors, but I really don't know enough myself to correct others on a regular basis.

    My youth group sponsored a Compassion kid once and eventually they wrote saying he had all he needed! So maybe that would happen for you. :) Plus, if you have to quit they just find a new sponsor--they don't strip the child of food and clothing and leave them in a desert, I don't think. I'm not really sure, though.

    I need to check out some more Hanson.

    I, too, have given some thought to not only gender roles, but what it means to be a Christian.

    Because you're not eating enough. :) Your body is just getting revved up and then you stop short of satisfying it! Yes, like I know everything about health.. :P

    Am I allowed to mention your blog in mine ever? :)

  2. Love you.

    Love this post.


    And I've never watched ONE TREE HILL in my entire life... until now. They keep me occupied while I feed Joel AGAIN. :)

  3. Jessica - I've heard that before about Compassion kids "graduating" from the program. That is good! And yeah, you can mention my blog if you want to. :) I just didn't want to make a big announcement when I started it.

    Laura - OTH is awesome. You will love it. :)