Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Garden Update

Here's what my garden looked like right after planting on April 18:


Here's what it looked like on Saturday, two months later:


So far I've harvested a few grape tomatoes and a couple of peppers and jalapenos. There are several regular tomatoes on the vine, but they aren't ripe yet. I also have a cucumber that's growing so fast I can almost watch the progress:


If I let this cucumber vine go, it would take over everything. I think it's succeeded in choking out the zucchini even though I keep removing the little tendrils that try to grab onto things. I had to cut it back pretty aggressively last week when it tried to attach to the tomatoes and even to the hydrangea bush around the corner of the house. I've given you a huge trellis, cucumber! Be content with what you have!

I also bought two sweet potato vines last weekend, after hearing about them on Drake & Zeke. I don't feel like tilling up another plot of actual ground, so I bought a large rectangular planter for them, which I put near the garden. Supposedly they're super prolific and can grow anywhere. We'll find out! It would be nice to have a lot of sweet potatoes this fall.


My potted strawberry plant is bearing well, but none of the berries are really large enough to do anything with. So I like to sit on the patio and eat them straight from the plant. However, I think those days are over since I saw this visitor out there last night:

squirrel 002

This squirrel has already grown fat on my birdseed, but I guess he wanted some dessert. :P

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