Thursday, June 10, 2010

Midnight in the garden.


I'm sorry for the long silences on this blog. If anyone is reading, please give me another chance! I'm still in the middle of a personal crisis which I guess I will have to post about eventually. But not today. Today's post is about my VERY last-minute trip to Savannah last weekend to see my sister!

Debra has lived in Savannah for the past year and is about to move back to Nashville (yay!). So my mom and I visited to complete our Savannah bucket list, which included:

savannah2010 (26)
Tybee Beach

savannah2010 (40)
Dolphin-watching cruise!

savannah2010 (56)
Forsyth Park fountain

savannah2010 (61)
Visits to several historic squares

savannah2010 (17)
And some unexpected fun: a tour of Tybee Island homes, including The Breeze Inn, summer home of author Mary Kay Andrews, which has been featured on The Lettered Cottage many times. I was so excited to see it, and it was by far my favorite of the tour. It's a shame I can't really do beach-cottage decor in Memphis without looking like a total weirdo. :)

Plus, there was gelato. And ice cream. Lots of it.


  1. PS My authorization code/word that Blogspot just made me type was almost my middle name!! Off by one letter. :)

  2. I'm happy you got to do all those things--the unexpected visit to an author's home would've been a highlight for me as well! I love looking at houses! And I also like beach decor for certain things. :D