Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hot N Cold


(taken on my 30th birthday last year, when it was hot)

One of my favorite Summer Things is getting into my hot car after a long day of shivering in an over-air-conditioned office. I love that moment of the heat seeping into my bones and reviving me. After a few minutes, I find it as oppressive as the next person, but I feel cheated if I don't get that baking feeling. Nowadays it's so hot that all I have to do is step outside to bake. Then I'm thankful that my car cools down quickly.

I've never finished Brave New World, but I've read some of it, and the part that's stuck with me is about how the different classes of people were conditioned pre-natally. One of the lower classes was exposed to certain temperatures so they'd have a "horror of cold." I often think of this when the subject of hot- or cold-naturedness comes up. You'd think I was part of that anti-cold class, but I guess it was enough to be born naturally to two Florida natives.

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  1. I do the same thing! Jon thinks it's odd, but I'm glad someone else is like me.