Monday, August 16, 2010


2010birthday (4)

My pre-birthday weekend was good! My sister Debra threw me a small party at my parents' house with most of my close friends. She insisted on putting the correct amount of candles on the cake. I managed to blow them all out in one breath (flute skills never leave you), but I'm thinking next year a "3" candle and a "2" candle will be the way to go.

I got many nice and meaningful gifts, but Debra's was the most special. A few Christmases ago, before she and her now-husband started dating, I gave her a pair of diamond earrings. I wanted her to know that she was amazing with or without a man, and didn't have to wait for a relationship to have nice things. So, on my first newly-husbandless birthday, she returned the favor. She had to explain the significance to everyone because I was too emotional to talk about it. I'm so thankful to have such a loving, supportive sister! And the earrings are sparkly and gorgeous.

Today, on my actual birthday, I am at work. I thought about taking the day off, but decided it was better for me to be here than to spend the day alone because everyone else was at work. My friend Stacy took me out for a delicious Panera lunch, and tonight my parents are taking me to Macaroni Grill. I've gotten tons of nice greetings from everyone. I'm wearing a new outfit and feel cute and sassy. The temperature is a crisp 89 degrees (which seriously feels amazing after weeks of triple digits). 31 is getting off to a good start! Let's hope it continues!

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