Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Home Update

My new couches arrived yesterday! :D They're VERY comfortable and look great!

newcouches (2)

newcouches (3)

newcouches (4)

I have to say, the giraffe pillows seem much less giraffey than in the store! Each couch came with four pillows, but we removed one so people could actually sit.

My mom also suggested a square coffee table instead of another rectangular one. I was resistant at first, because I want one with a shelf and baskets underneath, but I think she may be right. I'm planning to visit the Ashley furniture outlet this weekend in addition to my usual Craigslist stalking.


Current mantel arrangement, with my new Nell Hill's birthday vases from Stefanie and Kevin. I'm still tweaking it, since I have no eye for these things...all I know is that the "trophy" should be in the middle. Looking at the full effect of everything, I started thinking that the living room might look great painted the lightest color of that fake plant. Like a really pale celery. Would it be crazy to repaint my living room around a fake plant? I love it - the hanging greenery reminds me of Savannah.

I bought a pack of Sticky Paws strips to keep the cats from clawing the backs of the new couches, but after applying a few, I realized it wasn't going to be enough protection. So I looked into the SP full sheets. They were only available online and prices/shipping were ridiculous. In the end, my mom offered to go to Hancock's today and pick up some clear vinyl to put over the entire backs of the couches. It's pretty depressing to have (partially) vinyl-covered furniture just like my grandma, but it's my only real option. Hopefully it'll work! :\


  1. The couches look great! One of those square ottoman coffee tables in brown leather would look really cool too.

  2. Couches look great! Some friends of mine have a 'coffee table" that is actually a very big ottoman. It's firm on the top though, and it works great. Looks cool too. Maybe you can find one in brown.

  3. I love love love the couches! Are they comfortable? I think the giraffe print pillows look great. I might just need to come visit you and the cats sometime soon :)

  4. These look so great!