Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Favorite Things: October 2010

Because why should Oprah have all the fun?


Pumpkins. Nothing says fall to me like pumpkins. I love everything about them. They make great decor, real or fake, carved or not. Even better, they lead to pumpkin muffins, pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie, pumpkin dip, and even pumpkin pancakes. I could probably eat some form of pumpkin every day in the fall. I even like the seeds when they're salted and roasted.


Southwest Airlines. We don't have Southwest here, but I've flown it many times out of Nashville and Little Rock, and I wish I could fly it exclusively. The planes are all the same size, you can still check bags and don't have to gate-check your carry-on, the people are very pleasant, and most of all, IT'S CHEAP (although not as cheap as it used to be). When I heard the news about Southwest buying AirTran, I did a little dance. I can't wait until they come to Memphis and end our awful Delta monopoly.


Scarves. I was scarf-phobic until about a year ago, and now I can't get enough of them. It's such an easy way to add interest and warmth to an outfit. If you have trouble tying scarves, like I always did, add this site to your bookmarks today.


Heated mattress pads. These are basically giant heating pads in the form of a sheet. I've had one on my bed since 2002. Pro: It's sure to lower your heating bill, plus most of them come with dual controls for couples with different heat preferences. Con: You will never want to leave your bed. They're available at most department stores for under $100.


Jello Mousse pudding. I've gotten a little overindulgent lately with food, but this pudding is helping me get back on track without denying my need for dessert. So far I've tried the Dulce de Leche (sooo tasty) and the Dark Chocolate (a little bitter, but still good).


Jesus Calling. A Christian co-worker gave me this devotional for Christmas last year. To be honest, I wasn't sure about it - it's written from Jesus' perspective, and I'm leery of anything that puts words in God's mouth. But I've found it to be very Biblical (each entry ends with a list of references), and very comforting. Some nights I've cried almost as soon as I've looked at the page because the topic was so applicable. It's a great book for anyone, but especially for those going through changes or tough times.


Ulta. My love affair with this store now spans several years - I prefer it to Sephora any day. Where else can you find such a broad range of beauty items at prices that won't make you want to cry? Sometimes I go just to bask in the girliness. I blame Ulta for my now-shamefully-large collection of OPI nail polish. I'm planning to get a Bare Minerals makeover there soon (I'm not happy with my current makeup and everyone tells me the mineral stuff is amazing).

What are some of your current favorite things?


  1. I'm with you on pumpkins and all things made with them. I'll have to sit out a year from the pumpkin breads, pies, and dips (all have dairy in some form). *cries* I have pumpkin seeds at home right now that I want to try roasting. Hopefully they won't go bad before I get around to it.

    I think we have an Ulta store - I need to try the mineral makeup, too.

  2. I heart Southwest as well!

    Hm.. I might have to check out that devotional!