Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy weekend.

This past weekend was wonderful!

I successfully taught line dancing to a group for the first time, at my church community group's chili cook-off. I was nervous about it, but everything went great! I also baked pumpkin cakes (and will share more about them in another post).

I went to Murfreesboro and got in touch with my inner band nerd at Contest of Champions, along with my best friend from college and her husband!


This show (by Brentwood High School) was about being lost in the woods and totally revolved around a flutist. For that reason, it goes on my list of top ten favorite marching shows of all time. :)

I visited the Dale Chihuly exhibit at Cheekwood on my way out of Nashville. I'm so glad I did - it was beautiful!

chihuly (4)

chihuly (16)

chihuly (20)

chihuly (26)
Then I came home with my new armchair! I saw it at HomeGoods (which we don't have) last time I was in Nashville, decided against it, then couldn't stop thinking about it. So Debra picked it up for me. It looks perfect in my living room and I look forward to many happy hours of reading in it this winter.

newchair (2)

newchair (3)

It reclines, too! :)

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