Friday, February 11, 2011

Links Roundup

peach021111 (1)

I'm emotionally worn out today, after my water heater leaked on the coldest night of the year. (Thankfully, my dad saved the day again, and is installing a new water heater this afternoon. If not for his expertise, I would probably have to move to an apartment.) So here's a contemplative photo of Peach that I took this morning, and some Friday links. (Some of these have been in my reader for months!)

Vintage Postcard Calendar Journal (this could be a cute Valentine's present!)

A baking soda storage tip from the geniuses at Muddy's Bake Shop (I feel a sudden need for a Grasshopper cupcake).

You Are Mine - a meditation on Isaiah 43 (one of my favorite passages) from a blogger who recently lost her home in a fire.

Thoughts on Christian love from Tribal Wife.

Thoughts on Mother Teresa from author Jonalyn Grace Fincher.

Tips on using Google Reader from my friend Jessica (this is very helpful!).

Tips for Southerners on Surviving New England Winters. Well, I'm still in the South, but with the winter we're having, this cracked me up. Especially the Shaq snow-o-meter.

♥ Emily at Chatting at the Sky has been focusing on art (in the broad sense) and creativity and boldness, and I've been starring every post. Some of my recent favorites: Wake up and Dream; When They Don't Like Your Art; How to Live Big; 5 Ways to Guarantee Your Art Isn't A Waste of Time.

The Net - an example of the importance of women's friendships. This post made me well up with thankfulness for my own Net. :)


  1. Oh thank you for the link! :)

    Also, this post made me feel like I should've posted some different Valentiney links I've come across. Did you see the awesome brownies on Smitten Kitchen?

    I always think links posts will be boring for my readers, but I always love yours! So I can probably do them more often. :)

    PS Sorry about the water heater. :(

  2. Awww, what a sweet picture of Peach! I love it when kitties look contemplative.

  3. Peach is adorable and looks so cozy! :)

    I loved the one about winter! So appropriate!

  4. Love the picture of Peach. You do a great job picking a single photo to use in your posts. I'm terrible at that! I either post way too many or none. :) Oh well ... that's why there are so many blogs -- for the different likes of the readers.

  5. Thanks guys! She is indeed very cute. :)

    R, most of the blogs I read post TONS of pictures, so there's nothing wrong with that! I just like to keep it simple usually. :)