Monday, February 7, 2011

My Weekend In Brief


I made felt coffee cup sleeves (how-to coming soon at Blissfully Domestic). Gandalf helped. :) He's my Arts & Crafts Cat and always hurries to join me when I take out paper, scissors, markers, or fabric. (Peach is sadly indifferent to crafts.)


I painted my still partially-remodeled bathroom. Nothing drastic - it's still an aqua blue, just a couple of shades lighter. This was the first time I'd tried storing my roller in a Pringles can between coats. It really works! The roller didn't dry out at all.

makingvalentines11 (1)

I went to a small Valentine-making gathering at a friend's house. I had a great time, and was inspired by everyone's creativity - I stuck to standard cardmaking supplies, but the other ladies used fabric, vintage prints, and Tiger Beat magazines. :) The Valentine on the far right was for one girl's Bieber Fever-suffering friend.

I also attended a great Super Bowl party at Caroline's! Sadly, no pictures of that, or of the Hummus Fiasco of 2011 that occurred at my house before the party. I'll share more about that when I post the recipe. Let's just say I spent an hour cleaning up my kitchen.


  1. I am intrigued by the paint roller in a Pringles can technique. We have a lot of painting to go in our house ... that sounds handy!

  2. I want to pet your kitty! He looks so soft and fluffy. :) I love this time of year when Pickles's fur is thick and soft. :)