Wednesday, March 16, 2011


2011 bracket

I love filling out a bracket for March Madness! But since the Tigers are the only team I follow seriously, many of my choices are based on gut feelings. That, and whatever sticks in my brain from watching the selection show. Except I'm ignoring Charles Barkley's comments because apparently he doesn't like us this year.

Anyway, when the Tigers are in the tournament, I become truly "mad." I don't drink much normally, but during these games, loved ones practically shove wineglasses into my hand so I can calm down and watch the game with a normal level of interest. This year my expectations are lower, so it should be more relaxing. :)

Our first game (and hopefully not our last) is against Arizona on Friday. GO TIGERS GO!!!


  1. Ha! I've never thought of using a bracket for anything beyond family history stuff. This is incredible. I tend to favor spreadsheets for my obsessive record-keeping habits though. Not to say you are (an obsessive record-keeper)... I don't know you well enough; but I do know me! My desk is in shambles, but planning a trip or a party or whatever and I've got all my spreadsheets in a row. :)

  2. It s' good to know that Pittsburgh messed up someone else's bracket too.

    Your Tigers played a really good game against Arizona, I thought Charles Barkley was completely high...but then I almost always think Barkley is completely high.