Friday, March 18, 2011

An Open Letter to Hollywood

band1996 (1)
Grand Champions, 1996

Dear Hollywood,

The success of Glee, The Sing-Off, and other musical series is proof that the time has come for band nerds to take the spotlight. We've waited patiently. We buried our disappointment back in '95 when Mr. Holland's Opus turned out to be about Mr. Holland and hardly about his band at all. We felt that 2002's Drumline was a solid 8-to-5 step in the right direction, but there's plenty more field to cover. Choirs might be full of drama, but clearly you're unfamiliar with the groups of 100+ teenagers around the country spending most of their waking hours together, making music together, fainting from heat exhaustion together, winning grand championships together, doing pushups on the side of a lonely highway in the middle of the night together. Trust me, there are many seasons' worth of stories to be had.

Now is the time. And if you need writers, I'm happy to offer my services.


Brenda W.
Kirby High School Sound of Blue, c/o '97


  1. My mom (a band geek from sixth grade through college) would completely agree with this. As a non-band geek (such is the life of a homeschooler), I would imagine the reason they haven't done that is there're just too many people involved. I know people who don't start watching Top Model or Survivor till half the contestants are gone because it's too hard to get to know 12-18 people in just an hour a week. That's my theory anyway!

  2. I'm going to share this post with my husband ... he played trumpet for years and probably would agree with you! Cute post.

  3. Clearly you need to write a YA novel. :)