Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Favorite Things March 2011

It's time for another random Favorite Things post!


Blueberries. I knew spring was really on the way when 2-for-$5 blueberry pints reappeared at Kroger. Fresh blueberries are like heaven to me. I can go through two pints in a week all by myself! I like them in baking, too, but they lose some of their blueberry-ness in things like pies and cobblers.


Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm. I've used up several BB Lip Shimmers in my time, but frosty makeup is never my first choice. So I was thrilled to find these at Ulta! They don't tingle like the Shimmers and traditional BB, but there's a definite balmy feeling, and the amount of color is perfect. I chose Hibiscus.


Crystal Light On the Go packets. These have been a part of my daily life for years! I drink them at work, and always keep several flavors on hand so I don't get bored. Otherwise I'd drink nothing but coffee and tea all day. My current favorite flavor is the Cherry Pomegranate, but I also get the Peach Tea and Fruit Punch frequently. I can't do lemonade flavors because most powdered lemonade is too strong for me. The knockoff Target brand drink packets are also good (especially grape and cherry limeade), but the Lipton brand is not.


Silicone muffin cups. My parents gave me a dozen of these for Christmas, and I use them at least weekly. They make baking much easier. Once I forgot to spray the cups with cooking spray, and they still peeled off without much trouble. I love not having to buy paper liners anymore, or worry about whether I have enough for a batch!

frilly iris

P. Allen Smith. His gardening tips are GREAT! He lives in my zone (7a), so everything he says is applicable to my garden, which is so helpful. You can find a monthly garden tips schedule on his website - I copied it into Word and made monthly slip sheets for my dayplanner. He also offers an informative e-mail newsletter. If not for his weekly reminders, I might have given in to temptation and planted already! (Yes, I'm a gardening nerd. Among other varieties of nerd.)

mickeybun 032211 (2)

Mickey, the rabbit who visits my yard. Since I see him so infrequently, I no longer think he actually lives in my yard. But every time I think he's gone for good, he makes another appearance! :) I leave hay and carrots out for him, but he seems to prefer the grass on the side of my house.


  1. We drink a lot of Crystal Light in our house for sure. Yum. And those on-the-go's are awesome for traveling.