Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday News and Notes


♥ My latest Blissfully Domestic article is up! It's about making marble magnets, which has been one of my favorite crafts since college. It's so fun and versatile.

♥ Memphians, if you need something to do this weekend (and you will, because the weather forecast is awful), go to the first annual Fareveller music festival! Of course the highlight will be the Myla Smith show at 9 pm Saturday at Young Avenue Deli. :) (Also, check out Myla's review of the new Adele album on Blissfully Domestic.)

♥ My mom and I were planning a garage sale tomorrow, but we had to cancel due to the expected storms. We're both so busy that we can't try again for another four or five weeks. Since I had already priced most things and put them in the garage, it'll be a difficult few weeks for my near-OCD tidiness. On the other hand, by the time we have the sale, it'll be more organized than a Target in there.

♥ I loved this Nathan Fillion article in last week's Entertainment Weekly (I'm addicted to EW - one of my impossible dreams is to write for them). I also enjoyed this cover story on Miranda Lambert in Redbook (which has started coming in the mail even though I never subscribed to it). I've decided I really like Miranda Lambert. A lot of artists project a false down-to-earthness, but she seems like the real deal. Her songs are so honest. I especially loved the part of the interview when she admitted to "rocking out to herself" on the jukebox in a rowdy bar. Hilarious!

♥ My sister is coming to town for the first time since Christmas. Yay!


  1. I found you via Blissful, I am a contributor as well. I made these puppies about 6 years ago with a girlfriend and sold them at our local street fair (that was a long 4 months of prep). The street fair saw about 80k people and I thought I would never want to see another glass marble magnet again, unitl today! Loved it and I love your blog. I found myself lost in it for a while. Loved the coffee sleeve!

  2. Thanks for commenting! It's exciting to "meet" new people. :)