Friday, April 22, 2011

My Favorite Movies: Beauty and the Beast


I want to start with a disclaimer that not all of my favorite movies are from the family section! But Beauty and the Beast is the one I felt like talking about this week. I'm not going to summarize it because probably 98% of the population has seen it - right? - but here are some thoughts.

When I was a kid and we saw BB for the first time in the theater, my mom leaned over during "Belle" and said, "This is you." The book addiction, the friendly nature but inability to fit in, the good relationship with her dad, the often-musical conversations with animals - all still true today. So the burning question of which Disney princess I am was settled for life. Other than the whole great-beauty thing. :)

For some reason, I love the part where Lumiere and Cogsworth are trying to distract Belle away from the forbidden wing of the castle, and dance off down the hall exclaiming about all the kinds of books in the library. It pops into my head sometimes in distraction situations. Oh, and speaking of:


Who doesn't swoon when Beast presents this library to Belle? Forget diamonds, guys - an epic personal library is the way to a woman's heart.

Plot-wise, I think BB is one of the most mature Disney classics. There are a lot of serious issues here: familial sacrifice, chauvinism and feminism, mob mentality, blackmail, the real threat of institutionalization... and someone tries to melt Lumiere!!! (I still don't like that part.)

I got the Extended Edition when it came out several years ago, and while I enjoyed seeing new footage, I think it was a good move not to include "Human Again" in the final cut. It just goes on, and on, and on.

To prevent myself from going on and on: basically, if you feel like watching something good and uplifting with catchy tunes, you can't go wrong with Beauty and the Beast. :)

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