Monday, June 13, 2011

The family that stays together.

This weekend, I helped my sister and brother-in-law move into their first home! They made an excellent choice - the house is classic, cozy yet spacious, and will be fantastic for entertaining. If it wasn't Debra's house, I might be tempted to buy it myself! The move was probably the easiest move I've been a part of. Everything went very smoothly.

Yesterday we all truly went our separate ways, as my parents and I headed back to Memphis, and my brother Kevin headed to Indiana to start his new job. It's been wonderful having him around over this past year, but I'm excited for him as he starts a new life on his own. Plus, Indiana isn't as far away as I thought. It just feels far because it's still an unfamiliar state to me and not part of the South! I'll get to know it soon, and then it won't be a big deal.

Several friends of Debra and Lance's also helped with the move, and their presence gave me a new awareness of how much our family speaks in inside jokes. It's even worse in a situation like moving. Later, after they left and we were having celebratory happy hour drinks at Sonic, we had an entire hilarious conversation and then realized that no one else would understand any of it (unless they also knew entire monologues from Mr. Deeds). On one hand, we need to work on being more inclusive. :) But on the other, I am so thankful for my family and our humor and closeness. I'm thankful to have two siblings (and one sibling-in-law!) whom I also consider friends and think the world of. I'm thankful to have two great parents with whom I enjoy hanging out. I'm very blessed. I feel a little sorry for anyone I might bring into this club, because he'll have a lot to catch up on, but he'll also be getting something pretty great!


  1. Love your pretty yellow dresses! How cute together you and your sister are. :)

  2. Don't worry, your laughter is infectious and cause others to laugh too!

  3. :) Thanks! And thanks for all your help Erin!