Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Online Trends


Can someone explain Pinterest to me, and what makes it so great? I typically use Delicious to bookmark interesting stuff, and weheartit to find cool images (including the one above). From what I can tell about Pinterest, it seems to replace both of those services. But maybe I misunderstood.

I am NOT an early-adopter type. I'm usually one of the last to get on board with trendy or newer-and-better websites. I've only started using Delicious in the past year or two. For years I stuck with little-known Bibliophil for book tracking, even though everyone told me Goodreads was much better. They were right, as I discovered when I eventually made the switch. And of course, I just gave in to Twitter a few months ago. Those are only a few examples.

Semi-related: after my too-short stint at Blissfully Domestic, I'm interested in similar opportunities at other sites. But most of the contributor-heavy sites I've found (Babble, The Stir, etc.) are only for moms. :| I'd also prefer to write stuff that matters in some way and doesn't exist purely to get pageviews (which eliminates a lot of other sites). I feel like I'm letting myself down by not pursuing more writing opportunities, but I don't really know where to look. It's discouraging.


  1. For Moms, you say? Maybe I should check those out! :) That Snow White is so cute.

  2. I don't even know what Pinterest is. *shrug*

    Only for moms? That's dumb.

  3. A friend has sent me a Pinterest invite, so as soon as I get it set up, I'll explain it to you. I'll send you an invite then if you're interested!

  4. You're not writing for BD anymore? I liked your articles!

  5. No, they transitioned to an all-paid "magazine" format. Supposedly they still accept occasional volunteer submissions, but I sent them a book review 2 months ago and never heard anything back, so I can probably just forget it. Thanks for liking my articles though!