Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Trouble With Fashion Blogs

Not long ago, I was crazy about fashion blogs, and so were many of my friends. They provided helpful information on dressing for your body type (something every woman should know - it's so easy and makes the biggest difference in your overall look). They showcased regular women applying the latest trends in an achievable way. They told us where to find the most bang for our bucks. They gave us ideas for using stuff we already owned in new ways. It was exciting. When we put together outfits that one of them would approve, we felt a sense of accomplishment.

But those days are in the past for me. Only a few fashion blogs are left in my Google Reader, and sometimes I consider dropping even those. Maybe I changed, or the tone of the blogs changed - I think it was a little of both. Either way, instead of inspiring me, they started to stress me out. I couldn't put on certain Non-Approved things that I personally like (i.e. Ugg boots) without hearing critical voices in my head. I seriously started to feel ashamed for exercising and doing yard work in old 5K T-shirts. Or when I had to stop in at the Neighborhood Market on the way home from yoga. Because, as one blogger writes repeatedly, there is no excuse for not looking your absolute best at all times! And if you ever let your guard down and go somewhere looking less than perfect, that's when you'll run into an ex and he'll think how right he was to break up with you. (I'm not making this stuff up.) In addition, closely keeping up with fashion is a lot of expensive, time-consuming work. I see now that it contributed to my excessive shopping habits. I'm not saying that all or even most fashion blogs have an attitude (or that those who do have one intentionally), but they all blended into a high-pressure soup for me.

Basically, my feelings about fashion blogs have become the same as my feelings about Dave Ramsey. Their basic principles are great and have helped many people to help themselves, and for that reason I'm glad they exist. But if you really buy into the philosophy, you will become unhealthily obsessed and neglect other important aspects of life. I LOVE fashion. I'm a much more confident woman because I know how to flatter my body and express creativity through clothing. The positive effect of that on the female psyche cannot be underestimated. But there are many moments in life when looking your best is NOT the most important thing. When you don't have to put in 110%. When it's acceptable and even correct to step away from the mirror and reset your priorities. And if your ex uses that as a reason to be glad he's not with you, well, that'll remind you why he's your ex. :P

To end on an ironic note, here's a picture of my outfit today. :) I got this skirt for $11 at New York and Company (during a five-minute visit) and I am IN LOVE.


PS: One fashion blog I will never drop is New Dress A Day. No pressure or snobbery - just thriftiness, creativity, and fun! I wish I could sew like that.


  1. I have the opposite problem...I find it stressful and overwhelming and so I just. don't. shop. It's awful. I used to LOVE to shop...I miss that girl. Wish you lived closer...if you've mastered that I would so put you to work for me. I seriously need help "shopping for my figure." I am so not kidding. I haven't been shopping in forever and I have been in desperate need of new clothes so my SIL took me shopping today at Tanger Mall. I replaced my entire casual wardrobe and I THINK I did okay...but I still feel like I need help...and I still need to redo my work wardrobe. I'm tempted to take a few pairs of pants to the tailors just to keep me from having to buy new suits. The jackets still fit...soooo... Sorry to just hit a topic that eats at me because I need help. It's so sad.

  2. You look so cute. I have very little fashion sense and you'd think maybe I could benefit from a fashion blog in my life, but no ... I avoid them. I tend to dress for comfort, but still, I live for a good bargain. My best bargain to date was a formal, right-sized, floor-length gown I bought from a store going out of business for $1.00. True story. Loved it. Wore it on a cruise. Sad part is that appropriate undergarments and shoes to match were like $75 altogether. But what a bargain on the dress!! :)

  3. Good post! And that skirt is AMAZING!!!!