Friday, September 30, 2011

Felt Roses Fall Wreath

I saw this felt flower wreath, from Little Things Bring Smiles, on Pinterest and and had to make one for myself! The original wreath used only orange flowers, but a) I didn't want the wreath to clash with my red door, b) I'm not a monochromatic kind of girl, and c) I was nervous about adorning my house with a lot of anything UT orange.

For this wreath, I bought fifteen sheets of felt at Michaels - five each of cream, orange, and brown - and a couple of sheets of green felt for good measure. I also picked up some florist wire. The bare-branch wreath was one I already had from the year before. I just removed the fake flowers I'd previously added to it. All in all, a very cheap craft.

To make the roses, I traced circles onto felt and cut them out. I used a CD and a coaster as guides, thinking that two sizes of rose would be interesting. After cutting out the circles, I cut a spiral into each one, starting from the outside.

Then I followed the instructions for rolling up the felt circles, starting at the outside of each spiral and rolling tightly. I secured the end of each rose with hot glue. Once all the roses were complete, I cut a few inches of florist wire for each one and pushed it through the hole in the center of the rose, making a small hook at the top of the wire to keep it from pulling through the rose. Then I stuck the wire through the branches, where I wanted the rose to go, and secured the excess wire at the back of the wreath. There's probably a better way to attach the roses to the wreath, but this way worked for me. After all the felt flowers were arranged, I cut a few leaves from the green felt and hot-glued them to the bottoms of some of the roses, wherever I thought they looked best.

This craft took several sessions to complete, and because there weren't a lot of instructions (other than those for making the flowers), I sort of made it up as I went. So it's open to interpretation if you want to make your own. I'm very happy with mine! :)


  1. Oh my goodness, I LOVE it!! How much does a bare wreath cost, do you know? Because if it's not much, I'm so going to do this.

  2. ohhhhh that is SO cute! I want to come over and cook for you while you help me make one, LOL. I might be totally serious about this. I think the multi-colors was totally the way to go!