Saturday, October 1, 2011

Quote of the Week

I was perusing my quotes file this week, and came across this excellent one from the book The Soul Tells A Story:
Creative people learn to savor whatever befalls them. Sometimes we wallow in wonder, sometimes we wallow in sorrow or confusion. But we learn to notice the finer details, even when those details wound or confound us. When you approach experience in this way, you do become less of a victim and more of a creator. You gain some power when you choose to partake of any experience more wholeheartedly. You are not merely a person to whom things happen; you are a person who takes hold of whatever happens. That’s a huge difference.

- Vinita Hampton Wright


  1. Oh, I love this one. Love.

  2. Hope you don't mind, I printed this post and have it taped on my desk so I can constantly be reminded and reflect. It's a good 'un alright.