Friday, November 11, 2011

Fashion Friday!

Happy 11/11/11!

My biannual seasonal clothing switch is a big undertaking. I iron everything as I take it out, set aside items that need alterations, and even put a few things in the yard sale box. Normally, by switch time, I'm so tired of my last-season clothes that the sight of my next-season ones is thrilling. So I was bummed to walk into my lovely closet two weeks ago, after everything was folded and hung, and realize that I wasn't very excited about it. My cardigans and pullovers seemed so boring. Also, I love the dark skinny jeans/tall boots/cute scarf look as much as everyone else, but I'm already asking myself, "Is this all there is?" How am I supposed to feel special and cute for a social event if my only option is the same combo I wear whenever I'm not at work? First-world problems, for sure.

After way too much shopping and pinning, I've identified a few courses of action:
Moorea Seal

Moorea Seal

Banana Republic
Statement accessories. As I've mentioned before, I'm accessories-challenged. I gravitate toward simpler jewelry and am generally afraid of belts. But I've collected a few fun pieces, so I need to use those more creatively, and maybe indulge in some of the above too. Accessories really are the key to livening up plain solid colors. 
Elle by Kohl's

Forever 21
Cardigans with interesting details. For a while now, I've tried to choose solid-colored shirts with some sort of interesting details - ruffles, an embellishment, or just ruching (I'm a HUGE fan of ruched clothing). Now it's time to apply that to cardigans (which are a huge part of my work wardrobe). A plain cardigan in a few basic colors is key, but I'd like a few exciting options too.

Shorter winter-weight skirts and dresses. It took me a while to figure out that tights and tall boots require shorter hemlines, especially if you have short legs like I do. My mom is already hemming several nice skirts that I never wore last year because they just didn't look right (thanks Mums!). Yay for more options! I love both of these skirts - one classic, the other fun. I'm also on the lookout for short corduroy skirts. I have a brown one and wear it all the time.

Mustard on everything. :) As a Fall, I'm loving the mustard trend. I basically want this entire outfit, and think I can approximate it pretty cheaply (I already have the boots!). The below dress, from Forever 21, is similar, on clearance for $13, and would make a great foundation piece. Forever 21 sure loves its miniskirts, but due to my aforementioned short legs, I sometimes luck out.

And now, some general inspiration:

These "looks" are from The Limited - I've loved most of their stuff over the past few years. Too bad it's all so expensive. I love the lavender leather jacket! The orange look is kind of 70's, but again, I'm a Fall and the colors of the 70's flatter me. :)

I have no idea where this picture is from, but I love everything about the outfit. The extreme girliness is perfectly tempered by the boots. I really need to attempt a DIY ruffle scarf.


  1. These are all absolutely gorgeous outfits! I've recently only bought things that I love. I have clothes, but most of what I own I'm not in love with. Earlier this week, I was able to get some new (to me) clothes that I'm absolutely in love with. :)

  2. I love brown boots. I have been coveting them since last winter, and finally snagged a pair at Target the other day. Love. Everything you wrote about in this post is something I would love to wear. Great style, lady.