Monday, January 23, 2012

Recent Goings-On

weather conditions 1/22/12

♥ We had some severe weather late last night. The above is a picture of my home weather station, showing that the temperature and dew point were the same. I don't know the full scientific explanation, but basically, that's not good. The media hyped this storm all day and evening, then issued tornado warnings before it even crossed the river, but nothing major happened. My cat Gandalf didn't even go into the safe bathroom, which he normally does on his own (although he did hide in a closet for a while). So I wasn't too concerned. My cat is my VTI, and unlike the Channel 5 storm team, he hasn't been wrong yet. (No offense, storm team!)


♥ I got a shorter-than-usual haircut! I like it, but feel kind of iffy about it at the same time. Seems like it looked better when it was this short last summer. It'll probably take a few days to settle down.

Southwest is coming to Memphis! So far there are only plans for four flights a day, and it could take years for them to really affect local rates, but that's enough for me. Just the thought of not always having to drive to Nashville or Little Rock is thrilling! NEW ERA.

♥ Speaking of new eras, I went to the Tigers/SMU game on Saturday afternoon. After the intro video and the starting lineup, the lights at the Forum wouldn't come back on, resulting in an at least 20-minute delay of game (and prompting a great discussion with Kathy about technological warfare - seriously, no good can come of making everything computer-dependent). I don't know if the delay rattled the Tigers or what, but things were pretty rough into the second half, when the team suddenly remembered who they were and started dominating. Will Barton is totally going to the NBA next year. He's amazing.

♥ I've been feeling really unmotivated and directionless. I think it's fine and even good to be more relaxed and open about life, but I don't even know where I should focus my energies, so I'm not gaining ground toward any of the things I want. I'm just kind of... existing. But I know the waiting is often where we learn the most. Part of it might be the season, too. Everything seems more bleak in January.


  1. I think your hair is cute!

    I want a weather station like that. Whenever we have slightly extreme weather, I can't stop checking the temps and other measurements. I guess I just love data.

    Your last paragraph reminded me of a devotional I read yesterday and highlighted, thinking of you (and me, and many, I'm sure). I'll post it sometime.

  2. Haircuts always shift and change in the few days following the cut. It's like a waiting game to see the final result. I love your cut, though, and your curls!

  3. Shout-out to my sister, Jessica ... I keep running into your comments all over the place, so I feel like I should greet your happy, smiling picture. :)

    Then, yes, your hair, Brenda, is great. Love.

    The whole Technological Warfare mention reminded me so much of conversations my husband tries to have with me. They're usually over my head. But I still love the guy. I will say, he agrees with you on the "no good can come of..." and he's a big computer guy, too.

    I like your attitude in your last point there. I concur. I was recently asked to take charge of something and I have equal pros and cons about it, but when it comes down to it, I'm not sure I should be putting my energy there, so I'm just on stand-by, hoping for something written in the sky or something so I know what God wants next from me. And I'm pretty okay with that -- especially because it's January. :(