Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wild On Wednesday: New Vacuum

I've used an old school Electrolux vacuum for many years. It's well-made, but it's almost as old as I am and has no features, not even an on-off switch. Last week it finally broke down. My dad examined it and confirmed that it was a wiring problem. I could spend about $150 to have it fixed, or I could buy a bagless, HEPA-filter vacuum made in this century. It wasn't a hard decision.

What was difficult was deciding whether to buy a regular model or spring for a Dyson Animal (the Holy Grail of vacuums). After reading a LOT of reviews and talking to friends and family, I bought a Hoover Wind Tunnel Pet Rewind. It seemed comparable to the Dyson for less than half the price (and believe it or not, there are some bad reviews out there for the Dyson). After one use, I'm VERY pleased with the Hoover. The carpet looks great - I had to empty the container twice, which I took as a good (if yucky) sign. All the attachments are conveniently mounted on the vacuum, so I can sweep over the couches as I go by. But it took a long time to vacuum because I had to stop and adjust the floor settings a lot. And change outlets a lot, because the cord is kind of short (but it automatically retracts!). We'll see how it does over time, but I'm happy with my purchase.

Sorry to write an entire post about a vacuum, but this is me:

(Of course I haven't been compensated in any way to write about this. If I was getting paid to write on a regular basis, believe me, you would know. :))


  1. Lol! I don't remember that moment from Friends.

  2. While I do love our Dyson Animal (we have an old Dyson that finally stopped sucking as much because the non-replaceable filter finally got too clogged no matter how many washings; so we retired it to the less-used upstairs vacuum), I think it's fun and exciting to get a new vacuum. And I don't even love cleaning! Congratulations.

  3. Hi Brenda! I'm a bloggy friend of Lauren's from Crazy Ever After. Oh how I dream of owning a Dyson, alas the price tag keeps me dreaming! I grew up in Cordova, which is now Memphis, I guess, but I live in VA now and only come back once a year or so. It has changed A LOT since I moved away!

  4. Welcome Gwen! :) Yes, Cordova has definitely changed!!