Friday, April 20, 2012

MORE Beauty Search


A couple of months ago, while watching The Talk on the elliptical, I heard about an essay/photo contest sponsored by MORE Magazine. When they mentioned that it was only for women over 30, I decided it was worth checking out! The 2012 theme is "why I'm beautiful inside and out." Even though the idea of me in a beauty contest is laughable, I felt compelled to enter for the experience and writing exposure. I've learned that nothing happens if you don't put yourself out there, and this seemed like a positive step.

Writing the piece was more difficult than I expected. I struggled with the spiritual implications of writing an essay publicly proclaiming that I'm beautiful (a scary thing to do regardless - I'm very aware that I'm not a supermodel). I saw my words through the eyes of everyone I know. I worried that other Christians would see the whole thing as boastful, or judge me for not saying, "I have no beauty except in my Lord and Savior." True self-confidence is still a newish experience for me, so I don't have a good sense of what's healthy and what's conceited. But I believe that you can know that your inner and outer beauty comes from God and still appreciate the way He created you. Reflecting on that helps me when all I can see are the ugly things about myself.

So: here's my entry in the MORE Magazine 2012 Beauty Search! The overall winners will be chosen by judges, but there's also a Reader's Choice prize based on number of votes. If you're so inclined, you can vote once a day until May 9. :)

Thanks in advance!

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  1. What a great post and entry! You're courageous AND beautiful.