Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Cat Lady Moment

(all photos by my brother)

I took my cats to the vet yesterday for a checkup. Wrangling both of them by myself is usually I-need-a-drink exhausting, but it turned out to be the easiest vet visit ever. No one needed shots this year... and Gandalf was howling and hissing like a banshee, so the vet and I agreed he didn't really need to be examined after all. LOL! (Gandalf is high-strung, so he can get murderous when anyone or anything disturbs his space uninvited. It's too bad that no one really gets what a wonderful cat he is alone with me.)


Peach did need an exam, though. She's lost a lot of weight, and for a month or so I've sensed that she doesn't feel good. For reasons that already seem silly to me, I was convinced that she had feline diabetes. I got myself all worked up figuring out how to cope with the situation. Thankfully, it's not that serious. Her mouth is rejecting her two front teeth for some mysterious reason, so the vet recommended removing them. Apparently this is somewhat common in cats. I feel sad to think of her losing her teeth, but the vet assured me that her quality of life won't suffer and will probably even improve. So we'll get that done in a couple of weeks.


I know you're all waiting with bated breath for a follow-up about my air conditioner. Well, it was dead, and I had to replace the entire outside unit (the tower thing with the fan) to the tune of A LOT. But I have now replaced every major appliance and electrical-type thing in my house, so I should be entering a period of peace.


  1. Sorry about your AC, but your cats are really cute?!? Doesn't that make it better?

  2. I keep picturing Peach with little tiny kitty dentures... ;)

  3. Oh, that first picture of Peach is AMAZING!

    "I have now replaced every major appliance and electrical-type thing in my house, so I should be entering a period of peace."
    What are you thinking, saying that? Why not just go ahead and say, "What else could go wrong?" LOL! ;o)

  4. Bethany :P :)

    Carol, my dad keeps asking me when she's getting her kitty dentures! LOL.

  5. Oh no, poor Peach! At least it isn't worse! Our AC is about to go out, we play roulette with it each season... so far we've made it through a summer and a winter.

  6. You have such beautiful cats!!

    Last time I took Lola to the vet, she said that Lola's teeth weren't that good so I might have to be thinking about that sort of thing soon. Unfortunately, my parents' cat needed dental surgery. And their other one does too, but that one is older and the vet actually recommended they not operate because she wasn't healthy enough to go under for the operation. That makes me really sad.

    And now I've gone and been all depressing LOL.