Friday, May 25, 2012

Nature Girl

yard052312 (1)

So a chipmunk has taken up permanent residence under my back step. I call him Theodore. I've seen him playing with another chipmunk on several occasions, but I can't tell if that one also lives here or is just visiting. Anyway, Theodore has become very bold and spends most of his time on the back patio or sitting right on the step. This keeps my cats entertained for hours.

yard052312 (2)

I also noticed this tiny path that's been worn from my shed to my bird feeder. Maybe the other chipmunk, or the squirrels, are living under there. (The squirrel birdseed war rages on.)

yard052312 (6)

Everything is blooming in my yard right now - I want to be out there all the time!

yard052312 (3)

yard052312 (5)

yard052312 (7)

This week I finished my annuals planting. I always put geraniums in a planter on the back patio, but I couldn't resist adding these "Lemon Zest" petunias. I saw them at Lowe's a few weeks ago and was still thinking about them. They're so cheery!

yard052312 (4)

I had to plant a pot of mint for summer beverages. :)

yard052312 (9)

The front planter is complete - I went with caladiums and a whole flat of multicolored impatiens. It's going to look great!

yard052312 (10)

The first of the lilies! These are Asiatic lilies that I planted last spring, but my tiger lilies from the fall planting are coming up too. I can't wait for those to bloom.

yard052312 (11)

Happy holiday weekend!


  1. Your yard is lovely! And I love he little chipmunk. :)

  2. We used to have a lot of squirrel issues with our feeders in New England, we found that the best deterrent was to put a big, wide PVC pipe around the feeder post nearly up to the bottom of the feeder. It's not that attractive (though I imagine it could be painted pretty - we just never got around to it), but the slick, wide surface made it impossible for the squirrels to hold on and climb.

    We did have one problem though when some daredevil squirrel must have leaped to the feeder from some nearby-ish branch, but instead, got hold of the top of the PVC pipe and then fell inside. Sadly, it couldn't get out and we didn't find it there till the stench in that part of the yard made us investigate. So maybe a mesh top to the PVC pipe or maybe have it go ALL THE WAY up to the base of your feeder so there is no gap for them to fall into should they get so lucky as to get there.

    But otherwise, the chipmunk is cute and entertaining (I miss that part of our yard here in the desert -- but we do get bunnies!) and the garden is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Also, if you can manage to have your feeder further from other structures, that will help, too. I just noticed how close it is to the building (shed?) there ... squirrels can jump quite far. I forget the recommended radius, but squirrels can easily jump like ten feet -- I've seen them do it.

  4. Your flowers are looking quite beautiful sweet friend!