Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Summer Fun and Crafts

Lakin' it

My brother came home for Memorial Day weekend! On Saturday, we and our parents went to Beech Lake, about an hour and a half away. I wish there was a nice lake close to Memphis, but at least this lake is better than the Mississippi mud pits. It was a pretty fun day - I tubed and Jetskied a little, but mostly sunned myself on a float and caught up on my magazines. Good times.

Monday was an expensive day. I finally ordered a bathing suit from Land's End:

I don't think any woman enjoys swimsuit shopping, but it's borderline impossible for me to find one that fits correctly for under $100. So I was thrilled to get this cute top AND a coordinating striped bottom for a total of $53! However, I quickly found something to eat up that savings:

summer bag and shades

My $5 sunglasses from last year are falling apart (surprise?), so I decided to branch out and get something a little nicer. These are from Kohl's, and I admit it - they're J.Lo. I generally avoid aviators (having worn non-sun aviator glasses throughout my Awkward Years), but these made me feel very glam. I also fell in love with this straw-look summer bag, which seemed reasonably priced next to the $120 Club Monaco straw clutch I've been longing for. When I tried them on together in the store, it was game over.

glasses with case

To protect my new shades, I sewed a quilted sunglasses case using this tutorial (found on Pinterest, of course). It's the first reversible case/sleeve I've made that came out correctly on the first try! Progress!

  lemon wreath

It's time to take down my spring wreath and put up a summer one, so one of my goals for the long weekend was to make a (fake) lemon wreath! I'm pleased with how it turned out, but sadly, the lemons are too "tall" to fit between my regular door and storm door. I guess I'll deconstruct, display the lemons in a bowl, and find something else to put on the wreath. This was my first attempt at covering a wreath form with moss ribbon, and FYI, wrapping around is not the way to go unless you can afford a lot of moss ribbon. I barely had enough to cover the front.

That's the latest from this Popsicle stand.


  1. I JUST posted about the woes of finding a non-hideous one-piece swimsuit. Incidentally, my new JS held up nicely over the weekend ;)

  2. Love the suit! It's adorable. :)

    And I lovelovelove your purse!! Also, is your hair shorter? It looks adorable. :)

    And your wreath came out adorably! I'm sorry it's not going to work out.

  3. That wreath is really cute. Sorry the lemons are too tall. Love the suit you picked, too. I loathe swimsuit shopping!! But I understand, it's a must have.

    Taking kids to the "beach" later this week. Should be fun -- me with nine kids in tow. :) Your way sounds way more relaxing.