Friday, June 15, 2012

Fashion Friday: What to Wear to NYC

I'm assembling a fashion plan for my trip to New York, and so far it's centered around three components:

Casual Skirts

[ J.Crew // Target // Gap ]

It's going to be hot, so I think casual cotton skirts will keep me comfortable and put-together enough for museums and stuff - more so than jeans would. Obviously black and neutrals are more acceptable for the city, but brights are cute and easy to find right now.

Walking Sandals

[ Bare Traps // Bass ]

Comfort shoes aren't in my usual repertoire, but if I'm spending the money on them, I'd like something cute that I'd want to wear at other times. I also want something with multiple straps so my feet stay in place. I know from experience that flip-flop styling, no matter how comfortable, gives me blisters and sore ankles if I have to walk any sort of distance. I'm crossing my fingers for a good find at TJ Maxx or Ross.

Crossbody Bag

I don't want to be hitching at my bag constantly and worrying about getting mugged. A crossbody bag will make me feel more secure. This Lucky bag is gorgeous but costs over $150, so my plan B was to make a more casual canvas bag along the lines of the Target one. Then I realized it would be much easier to find something secondhand at Plato's Closet and be done with it - I mean, I'm already attempting to sew at least one skirt. So yesterday I picked up this little number for $13:

It's very easy to carry, and in my opinion, faux snake goes well with everything. :)

Thoughts? Insights?


  1. Love the bag. Your plan is a good one! I love my cross body bag. Its from 31 and was definitely worth it!

  2. These are my go-to travel items for warm weather too! Skirts and dresses automatically look better in most people's minds than pants or shorts, and they are a lot cooler in warm weather. Comfy sandals with backs - yep! Cross-body bag? That's all I use these days, especially for travel! Even when I go to theme parks, this capsule is what I wear. =o)

    And now I totally want all those skirts. Wah.

  3. I agree, you'll be cool and look put together. I love the sandals; they're cute and look comfy, and they look sturdy. I love the bag you found--it'll be perfect for what you need.

  4. "faux snake goes well with everything"...words to live by!

  5. So, just two things: don't worry about getting mugged (but cross-body bags are great for having hands free). And, to warn you, our museums are super air conditioned and you'll be going from serious heat to freezing, so be sure to have a sweater. A lot of us (including me) tote around a light scarf to mitigate that, too.

    1. Thanks for the input! :) Yeah, when I thought about it, I realized I'll probably be safer in NYC than I am at home in Memphis. LOL!

  6. Oh! And brights are TOTALLY in, especially for summer!

  7. When are you coming to NYC and can we meet up for coffee or a drink or something?? Tweet or email me?

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