Thursday, June 14, 2012

Iced Coffee Time

We've reached the point of summer when I sometimes can't stand the thought of a hot beverage in the morning. Last Sunday morning I awoke after feeling hot all night, and found a forgotten bottled Frappucino in the back of the fridge. It was almost frozen solid, because that's what happens to things that get pushed to the back of my fridge. I wasn't even 100% sure it was still good. But I ran it under hot water for long enough to de-solidify most of it, and drank the entire bottle in one go. In that moment it was the best thing I had ever tasted. (Happily, I didn't get sick.)

After that, in an attempt to class things up, I decided to brew a pitcher of Pioneer Woman's iced coffee. I'm having my first cup this morning, and it's delicious! (The 1% milk instead of Coffee-Mate is better for me, too.) But how do you keep all the sweetener from settling at the bottom?

In other news, I patchworked a Google map of Manhattan (with neighborhoods and pertinent areas marked) and taped it up in my cube where I'll see it every day. I want to have an excellent sense of location and direction when I'm in NYC. Do you think I'm excited??


  1. I need to try that iced coffee too. It sounds so good! Although I never feel too hot to have hot beverages. I drink hot coffee in the summer and cold coffee in the winter. =o)

  2. You could always make a simple syrup or try using chocolate milk/syrup. I, too, have been enjoying some iced coffee lately! My fave so far: I brew a mocha coconut K-cup in my Keurig (using the "iced" setting) directly over ice in a Starbucks tumbler (the insulated plastic ones with a straw). I then add a dash of half and half and fill up the rest of the way with chocolate milk. Yum! May have to go make one now...

  3. This is funny to me because I absolutely cannot drink iced coffee. I love coffee...and many years ago I used to drink iced coffee from Baskin Robbins...but something has happened and now my taste buds find cold coffee weird. No matter how great the flavor is, my mind screams "coffee is not supposed to be cold." Like when you leave your coffee sitting too long and then you take a sip and are surprised by how cold it got? That's the feeling I get when I drink iced coffee...disappointment and then annoyance. I am so glad you found a "make your own" recipe...because coffee is so expensive these days is ridiculous!