Thursday, June 7, 2012

My Top 7 Unwatched TV Shows

Since I'm usually pretty busy (and reading when I'm not busy), I can't keep up with very many TV shows. This often works to my detriment when all my friends are obsessing over a show together, and I know I would love it too, but I'll never have time to catch up. Several such conversations have inspired me to make a list of the unwatched shows that I most want to see from beginning to end. With one exception, I've stuck to shows that are complete - adding in-process series would make it too overwhelming. (#1 would be Downton Abbey. Not watching it is seriously starting to affect my social life.)

1. Friday Night Lights. It's crazy that I wasn't immediately obsessed with this well-loved tale of triumph over adversity through football in small-town Texas. It has everything I look for in a story.

2. Battlestar Galactica. I've heard it ends terribly, but so did Lost, and I still didn't regret getting involved in that. It seems like another show that's important to the cultural conversation.

3. Gilmore Girls. I know. I know. I know.

4. Doctor Who. If the constant raves of friends with good taste weren't enough to convince me, this graph would do it.

5. Avatar: The Last Airbender. I'm not into anime, but I've heard this is a must watch for writers because the plot writing is phenomenal.

6. Freaks and Geeks. I was the target age/audience for this show when it aired, but I missed it somehow. It features a lot of now-famous actors, including Jason Segel, whom I find very endearing.

7. Felicity. One of the most popular melodramas of my college years, but again, I never saw it. Plus, I think it was J.J. Abrams' first show.

Basically, if I ever have to be on bed rest for an extended time, I already have a plan in place!


  1. I've only seen a few episodes of Felicity and just that photo and reminder kind of make me want to track down episodes and go through the whole thing!

  2. I have never seen any of those shows. Any of them. Good list, though!

  3. 1. Texas Forever. I love Tim Riggins. And Matt Seracen. And Coach Taylor. I now, also understand football a little bit.

    2. I haven't seen battlestar or Dr. Who and only a few episodes of Freaks. But I want to. But I'm staying away because I just don't have time to get sucked in.

    3. Downton Abbey is worth. Such short seasons. Just do it. JUST DO IT.

    4. You don't know my friends Rory and Lorelei Gilmore? For real? I can't believe it. I'm in shock. (they taught me how to banter!)

    5. Oh Felicity. I used to watch that, when it was still on the air, every week in college. My living room would cram with about 15ish girls and we LITERALLY had a "Team Nole" side of the room and a "Team the guy scott speedman played" side of the room. It got a little violent. 2 years ago I came face to face with scott speedman (or eyes to mouth). We nearly crashed into eachother. That's when I fell in love and switched from "team nole" to "Whatever the name was of scott's character". And it's JJ Abrams, so it has to be good. I just has to.

    6. Please tell me you have seen Alias

    7. Yes, I'm healing nicely from surgery. (That's a good way to have extended time in bed, you know...) ;)

    8. My comment turned into blog post length. My bad. :)

    1. Maybe you need to come face to face with Scott Foley to re-convince you for his team. Or just watch The Unit, because he is HOT on there.

    2. Hey, I like your long comment! :)

      I've seen some episodes of Alias, but all the torture and stuff was too stressful for me. I know.

      Glad you're healing well!

    3. Ahh, Scott Speedman. I was always Team Ben. It's hard to be Noel, though, so that means Ben was ultra awesome.


    4. We own and love freaks and geeks! And remember that I can probably borrow the Gilmore girls for you, too!!

  4. I haven't seen 6 of your 7 here. Same thing. People are often horrified at my lack of tv show knowledge. Can you believe I didn't discover Friends until just a couple years ago? I know, I know...where was I the last 15 years or whatever? Anyhoo....I LOVE Gilmore Girls. Sadly, I haven't seen all of it...but I do have the first 5 seasons on DVD. I'm happy to let you borrow. (There were 7 seasons.)

  5. This is funny because I'm been contemplating a post about shows people haven't watched. Haha.

    The other ones I'm not too shocked about, but YOU HAVEN'T WATCHED GILMORE GIRLS?! I don't even know how we're still friends, what with you not watching GG and me having only seen a few episodes of Friends. LOL.

    I need to watch FNL now that it's on Netflix. I have so many shows on there I'm already in the midst of though!

    I've never seen BSG or Freaks and Geeks, although like you said, there are a lot of now-famous people on there. I'd like to try it. Doctor Who is awesome but your absence from it is not shocking to me like GG. I tried to watch Felicity a few years ago, but it was SO boring. I can't believe that's an Abrams show; his shows are usually interesting.

    My brother Seth has watched that Avatar here, and listening to it? MEH. No interest whatsoever.

    1. I know I've confessed to you before about not having seen Gilmore! It is shameful, but I don't know when I'll ever have time to watch like 6 seasons' worth of hour long episodes.

  6. I haven't seen any of these either, but some are on my list. We have similar taste :)

  7. Yep, I love Doctor Who. :) I haven't seen Gilmore Girls, either (well, I saw the first few episodes, then the DVD got wonky and I haven't checked it out from the library since), and I have plans to watch Lost and Battlestar Galactica one day.

  8. I had no idea you've never seen Gilmore Girls or Felicity! YOU WOULD LOVE THEM. LOVE. THEM. Every fall I get an itch to re-watch Felicity. It's so good. And Gilmore... wow, there's just not enough to say about its awesomeness!

    Danielle T. (too lazy to sign in as Mississippi Mama!)

  9. I think it's good you missed Felicity, especially because it ended with some crazy time travel witchcraft plot line. Or so I heard. I actually refused to watch it, since I was studying at NYU at the time and she was supposed to be at University of New York, which was a total rip off. I'm not sure why that bothered me, but it did.

  10. I do this too, though sometimes mine are still in progress. I tend to gravitate towards TV in the winter so I watched One Tree Hill and Grey's Anatomy (just got caught up) this past year. I just started Dawson's Creek last night (its finally on Netflix instant) because I have not watched every episode in order.

    I have to say its better to watch shows that are complete, then you don't have to wait for major plot twists to work out (this happened to me last night with Season 3 of Drop Dead Diva.)