Monday, June 11, 2012

A Painted House




Things I Learned While Painting My House This Weekend

1. Commercial paint sprayers will save you DAYS of work.

2. My dad and I make an excellent team. (well, I already knew this)

3. It's impossible to freehand a clean line when painting stucco. Even with a tiny brush.

4. Some people still think it's funny to honk at someone precariously balanced atop a ladder.

5. Even atop a ladder, I am frustratingly short.

6. My next door neighbor needs a reminder that I actually own my house and am not just holding it for him, so I don't need to hear or heed his opinions on my paint color choices.

7. I don't want to work in my front garden bed ever again except to garden.

8. Exterior paint is unbelievably expensive. (I spent as much on paint as I did on my plane ticket to NYC.)


My dad and I have been talking about painting my house since I moved in almost six years ago. This weekend we finally did it, and I'm SO pleased with the finished product! I feel like my house looks more substantial and housey now, and the new colors complement the brick so well. The front door (which has been red for several years) is now my favorite part of the house. The storm door finally seems to belong. I also think the trim around the door sets it off nicely.

Colors are Behr (from the Home Depot) - Dried Basil and Polished Pearl. I was nervous about using an off-white because it often looks dingy to me, but this one paired nicely with the green - a pure white might have been too harsh. I'm happy that my gut instincts for color are still good.

My house finally looks the way I've imagined for a long time. Thanks to my dad (as usual) for making it happen!!!


  1. It's absolutely lovely, Brenda.

  2. I love the colors! Kudos to you and your dad for taking on such a big project. Amazing! I've never tried painting the exterior of our homes.

  3. Love the color! It looks great!

  4. It looks awesome! Love that color!!