Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wild on Wednesday: Summer Fashion MVPs

Today's Wild on Wednesday is even girlier than usual. Here are my Summer Fashion MVPs - things I've worn the heck out of this summer!

summermvps (1)

I can't remember the last time I wore a heel higher than about an inch. I KNOW! My office has gone to casual attire the past two summers, and this year that's translated to fully embracing flats and wedges. Most days you can find me in (left to right): Chinese Laundry wedges, Report Tia sandals, Unisa wedges, or Anne Klein bejeweled flats. I got the first three pairs at DSW, and the Anne Klein pair at Ross for $15 two years ago. Sadly, my CL wedges are falling apart from so much wear, and there's nothing I or the shoe repair guy can do except keep gluing them back together. I haven't seen any others like them, and they go with everything.

summermvps (2)

The nail colors I've reached for again and again: Party In My Cabana, Miami Beet, Privacy Please, and Bright Lights Big Color. I have a mini pack of a few South Beach colors (of course), but loved Miami Beet so much that I got a full size bottle. OPI is the best.

summermvps (3)

I've been all about the semi-floofy skirt this summer. I now have the Loft eyelet skirt in three colors, because when something really works, I get several. But I've also gotten a lot of mileage out of this purple patterned skirt (a no-name brand that I happened upon at Half Off Half), and this embroidered Gap skirt that I picked up in Evansville last year. I often wear these skirts with the Merona tees and tanks from Target that have some ruching at the neckline. I usually prefer Mossimo tees at Target because they're more fitted, but Merona ones work really well tucked in to a skirt. Yes, despite visions of Steve Urkel dancing in my head, I'm daring to tuck some things in for the first time since 1997. Having that option is already revolutionizing my wardrobe!

It took me a while to establish my "uniform" for summer, but I'm really enjoying the comfort and breeziness of it. Soon enough I'll be back in structured clothes and stilettos. Maybe by then I'll feel ready.