Monday, October 29, 2012

Fall Events Near and Far

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After a fairly crummy last week, I decided to spend the weekend in Nashville with Debra, Lance, and Niecy! It was a good decision. Saturday was spent doing fun seasonal activities. Niecy opened her Halloween package from her Granna. It was so cute. I also got to watch her while Debra and Lance went to a wedding. She is now sitting up AND rolling over like a champ, as well as eating solid foods. She loves carrots. I can't believe she'll be six months old this week.



On Sunday afternoon, after church and lunch, Debra and I enjoyed a walk on a riverside trail near her house. The fall leaves and the river were beautiful. I wish we could walk together whenever we wanted!

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I've been using my old, 4 MP, AA-battery-taking digital camera since my good one was lost/stolen. I intended to do so for the foreseeable future, but most of my cute Niecy photos from this weekend came out blurry, and I decided life is too short. So I found an exact duplicate of my good camera (Canon Powershot SD1200) cheap on eBay! I'm so relieved to be spared researching a new camera, then paying an arm and a leg for it. I was happy with what I had - it was one of the last basic models with a viewfinder. (What are they thinking getting rid of viewfinders??)

In other news, MAYAN 2012 HAS BEGUN:


Every time someone mentions Hurricane Sandy, I mentally add in a John Travolta voice, "Sandy!" So when I saw this, I was glad someone else made the connection. But I realize that most people aren't obsessed with Grease. I've seen it about a hundred times (movie and play collectively) and could probably perform the whole soundtrack. Anyway, I'm following the coverage and praying for those in the path of the storm.

AND locally, we had a 3.9 earthquake this morning, epicentered 39 miles west of Memphis. That's the closest and strongest tremor in a long time. I was in my car and didn't feel it, but one of my co-workers did. Either it was some kind of echo of the Vancouver earthquake, or The Big One is coming!!

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  1. I've totally been connecting the Hurricane Sandy reports with Danny's voice saying, "Sandy!" I thought I might be the only one. That is hilarious. (I, too, have seen it way too many times. I guess I'm just hopelessly devoted.)