Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween


Happy Halloween from Gandalf and a pumpkin! I think I post this picture every year (it's old), but it's one of my favorites.

To me, Halloween is for kids. I love getting trick-or-treaters and exclaiming over cute costumes - even the more gruesome costumes can be weirdly endearing on a kid. I cherish my memories of dressing up as Punky Brewster, a Care Bear, and Pippi Longstocking (why yes, I am a child of the 80s). But as an adult, I'm not into it. Most of my friends, acquaintances, and even co-workers still go all out for Halloween. They decorate and don wildly creative costumes and have parties with or without "scary" activities. But I've started to accept Halloween as a "Thing I Don't Do" a la Gretchen Rubin, even though it makes me look like a stick in the mud. I'm not a "Halloween is pure evil and no Christians should participate" person AT ALL. I just don't get any joy from dressing up as, like, a Sexy Hamster (because I can never come up with a clever idea). I'm happy to be a Halloween spectator instead of a participant. I just hope enough kids come tonight to keep me from eating a bowlful of fun-size Twix and Snickers by myself!


  1. Happy Halloween, Brenda. I'm sort of on the same page with you about it. :)

  2. I totally understand this. I don't do Halloween either. Dressing up just seems weird to me and I don't find it fun at all.

  3. Oh my goodness, maybe we really are related?! I feel the same way about Halloween! The neighborhood kids are cute, and I enjoy passing out candy to them (and eating some of it myself, haha!), but I don't decorate or do parties or dress up either. And I don't care if you post that picture every year - I still love it too!