Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Fashion Friday (on Wednesday)

It seems that this year, Thanksgiving has officially crossed over to a new status as Black Friday Eve. The sheer quantity of commercials, proclaiming Black Friday as "the day we wait for all year!" and ignoring the actual holiday completely, make me feel ill. Especially since Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. I haven't "done" Black Friday in years - I've become a huge fan of hitting the online sales in my PJs, finishing my Christmas shopping in an hour without any stress or violence, and then getting back to relaxing and time with loved ones.

I realize how ironic it is to spout off against materialism at the top of a post of pretty fashion links. Anyway, after taking out my winter clothes, I've identified some holes in my wardrobe. But while I will be checking for deals on the below items, they aren't my priority this weekend!

(For unexplained reasons, I can't resize most of these images. Have I mentioned how annoying the "new Blogger" is?)


I've been wearing the same two pairs of $10 Target flats for several years, and while they're still cute, they're not supportive at all. My feet can feel every bump in the concrete. I'd like a cushier pair in an animal print.

For at least a year I've been considering some gray Chucks, and I think it's finally time. They'll go with everything. I'm on a huge gray kick right now.

Speaking of, I saw this pale gray dress at Banana Republic and it was love at first sight. In person it has tiny, subtle silver sparkles, making it perfect for the holidays. Sadly, I can't justify spending $130 on a dress unless it's for a REALLY good reason. I was afraid to even try it on, which probably means that when I finally do so months from now, it won't look good on me and all my longing will be for naught.

I spotted this sequined skirt on Wardrobe Oxygen! Not practical, but very fun.

This cute, versatile dress is down to $17.99 on The Limited's website! But only in medium. It figures.

I could probably approximate this with a Target sweater and some creativity. Maybe a project for my Christmas break.

I discovered Marianna jewelry in a shop in St. Augustine in October. I love their oceany motifs!


Stella & Dot has a lot of beautiful pieces.

Miriam Merenfeld 14K Gold Initial Necklace

I love the simplicity of this necklace, and want to add a little more yellow gold to my collection (after not wearing it for years). I saw it on Rue La La and didn't get it, and now it's not available anymore. Oh well.

I also need cardigans in brown, red, and possibly navy. Why is it so hard to find basic colors these days?


  1. Ooh, so many pretties!!

    I know what you mean. Black Friday has become ridiculous. :/

  2. I love when you do these posts because I love everything you choose! Love the flats (I could use them myself; of course no 10½ though =oÞ ) and I can totally picture you in the gray Chucks. That Marianna Swirl bracelet is gorgeous! Is Marianna the maker of that awesome charm necklace?

    Also I totally agree about how Thanksgiving is almost entirely ignored these days. It's not just the BF stuff, but also how music- and decor-wise Halloween apparently leads right into Christmas. =o(

  3. Hahaha that graphic at the top had me laughing out loud. That is so true!