Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas Decor

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Kelly's Korner is hosting a linkup about Christmas decorations. I probably would have posted about mine anyway, so I'm joining in! Not that my humble decor really belongs in a "Tour of Homes," but whatever. :)

It took me a few years to get everything in order, but now I have Christmas decorations that are perfect for me and make me very happy. I bought this pre-lit 7' artificial tree at Bed Bath & Beyond last year. It has tiny pinecones and some flocking here and there. I love it! Aside from the years I lived with my friend Kathy, I've always had an artificial tree. It's cheaper, easier, and better for the earth. For some reason, the top third of the tree is leaning forward this year, but it's not that noticeable unless you're right alongside it. I probably just didn't assemble it right.

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My tree skirt is from Pottery Barn. I bought the matching stocking at the PB outlet, but passed up the skirt. It didn't take me long to realize that if I didn't find that matching skirt, I'd always regret it. By then, they were long gone from the store. So I bought it on eBay. :) It was expensive, but I plan to keep it for MANY years!

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I like to commemorate big events of the year with special ornaments. I bought both of these NYC ornaments at the Empire State Building - I couldn't stop at one!

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Some older favorites: I got this snow bunnies ornament at Hallmark when I worked there in high school. It was the first ornament I ever bought for my own tree. I've had the McAlister's tea ornament for a few years.

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One of several ornaments I made at a holiday crafting event last November. (This was also the event where I decided I needed a sewing machine, so it's sort of commemorative in its own way.)

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The 2012 Christmas mantel. As I've said here many times, I don't have The Eye for mantel arrangement, but this is good enough for me!

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This is the creche I grew up with. About eight years ago my dad went to Israel and bought a hand-carved Nativity in Bethlehem, so they passed this one on to me. When I was a kid, I liked to make my Little People walk up the stairs and into the hayloft, and otherwise interact with the scene. ("Hey, goat! You're a goat! What's that all about? Say hello to your mother for me!")

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I like to have something simple in the middle of my dining table at all times. These are just layered placemats, again from Bed Bath & Beyond. The vase with candle has been there for a while. :)

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This is my only new Christmas item this year, and I didn't buy it - my BIL's grandma gave it to me. I've always liked these little light-up ceramic houses, but I feel like you should have either a village, or none at all. But now that I have this one, I'll enjoy it by itself. I don't have room for a village!

Hope you enjoyed this Christmas tour!


  1. What is flocking?

    I love your ornaments. :) And I love that your kitties have fish bones on their stockings! Did you buy them or make them?

    My mom always had a bunch of houses and whatnot. I know she loved her village. :)

    1. Flocking is fake snow. I like that this tree only has a little, so it's not overwhelming!

      The cat stockings are from Target! I got them last year. :) LOVE them.

    2. They're purrrfect. ;) (I'm sorry, I couldn't resist.)

  2. That first picture with the silhouette of the cat is great. Love your special ornaments. I came over from Kelly's blog. Merry Christmas.