Friday, December 28, 2012

The 2012 Soundtrack



I've been making annual soundtracks - musical yearbooks - since 2002. My soundtrack is frequently on my mind throughout the year. Since I'm old school and limit it to what will fit on a CD, the final selection usually requires multiple tweakings and tough decisions. Even though I'm the only one who cares about it, it's a labor of love.

I usually say a little something about each selection, but this year it would be very repetitive, because many songs just reflected exactly how I was feeling about something. In some cases, I liked the song purely for itself. For others it was a combination. So if I have an observation, I'll make it, and if it was a strong "This is my life" choice, I'll just star it. Okay? Okay.  

1. Afterlife - Switchfoot
One of the first songs I glommed onto after the New Year.
2. Wishing Heart - Lisa Loeb*  

3. Drive All Night - Needtobreathe
Probably my favorite track from The Reckoning. I got SO PUMPED when they played this at Music Fest.  

4. Crazy Beautiful - Hanson
As a devoted Hanson fan, it's my tradition to include one of their songs every year. I was hooked on this one in 2012 for no apparent reason. If you're about to make an "Mmmbop" joke, go listen to the four indie albums they've released since then. Start with The Walk.  

5. Shake It Out - Florence + The Machine
2012 was such a Florence-heavy year that I basically chose this one at random.  

6. Here's To Us - Halestorm
This was one of the numbers from Glee's Nationals episode this year, and before it was over, I was looking up the original. Why it hasn't taken off is beyond me. 

7. Too Close - Alex Clare
Another song that grabbed me immediately - like most people, I first heard it in a Microsoft commercial. As my brother summed up, "This song is legit." Viva la dubstep.  

8. Pieces - The Bridges
I think this came from an old Paste sampler, but I just "discovered" it on my iPod this year. The Bridges have a great, slightly retro sound.  

9. Half Moon - Blind Pilot
This song opened the series finale of One Tree Hill, and even though I'd never heard it before, I knew it was the perfect choice. I can't understand half of the lyrics, but it has a poignance that gets me every time.  

10. The Age of Worry - John Mayer*

11. Part of Me - Katy Perry
Forget "I Will Survive." To me, this is the greatest breakup/divorce anthem of all time. I'm serious. The first few times I heard it while running, I felt like I could run forever, and had to fight the urge to pump my fists in the air and shout-sing along. The effect is milder now, but it remains.  

12. Wild Ones - Flo Rida featuring Sia
This probably seems like a throwaway choice, but of all my workout music this year, this was the song that lodged most securely in my head. Once I hear it, I'm guaranteed to be singing it for at least two days. I also have an unfortunate habit of changing popular songs to be about cats and singing them TO my cats, and this lends itself really well to that.  

13. Hello - Kelly Clarkson*  

14. Empire State of Mind - Jay-Z featuring Alicia Keys
I trust that this one needs no explanation.  

15. Lonely Boy - The Black Keys
THIS SONG ROCKS. END OF STORY. I want to do something cool enough that this song could play over the footage.  

16. Some Nights - fun.*
I like "We Are Young" fine, but it's been played to death. This song is far better, and Freddie Mercury would be so proud.  

17. Hello - Karmin
I was hard pressed to choose a Karmin track, but this one never fails to energize me. And yes, this is the second song on the list named "Hello." It is what it is.  

18. Slow Down - Myla Smith
Myla's breakout hit, which I need to hear every time! (Though, confession: "This Time I Mean It" is probably my fave from Drugs.)  

19. Heartbeat - The Fray
Years after first hearing The Fray, I've finally become a real fan.  

20. U.F.O. - Coldplay*  

21. Try - Pink*  

22. New Redemption Song - Over The Rhine*
As we go into a new year, this song is my prayer - for myself, and for our country, which isn't in the happiest place. Right now I'm struggling with a (perceived) lack of redemption in my own life. I pray that God will bring bold redemption for all of us in 2013.

If you have Spotify, you can listen to this playlist here. Or if you know me in person and you want a copy, let me know.


  1. Switchfoot, Needtobreathe (very underappreciated band) & Flo Rida in the same list. You don't see that everyday. Most impressive ma'am! Happy New Year! -Tim

    1. Same to you! Thanks for commenting! :)

    2. Cracking up at the Katy Perry comment! I sort of felt that way about "Call Me Maybe" (don't judge!)- like, I could run forever, and the effect is only slightly milder now! Despite listening to it on repeat the entire time during a 10 mile run!

  2. You are not the only one who cares about your annual soundtrack. I love them and look forward to it every year! I have them in our CD case and they go with us on every road trip :) Great list again this year!