Thursday, January 3, 2013

A New Family Chapter

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My New Year jaunt to Nashville was important to me, and not only because of the holiday. It was my last opportunity to visit Debra, Lance, and Niecy there. My sister and her little family are moving to southeastern Alabama this month. Lance, who's a children's pastor, has taken a new job. The senior pastor at this church was his youth pastor growing up and even officiated Debra and Lance's wedding. They have a great relationship. It's a fantastic opportunity, and I'm very happy for him! But, while Nashville is a mere skip and jump away from Memphis, Dothan is a full day's trip:


I know people whose sisters have moved all over the globe, so I'm fully aware that mine isn't even leaving the South, and it's nothing to get worked up about. But for the past few weeks, I've gone through a mini-grieving process. Change and goodbyes have always been exceptionally hard for me (or maybe I'm so surrounded by unattached free-spirit types that I have a wrong perception of the norm). On top of that, due to my past experiences, separations from loved ones often trigger emotional land mines. It's a barrel of fun. But now I've had my freakout and am feeling much more positive about the situation. Distance has never come between me and my sister, and it's not going to start now. We live in an age of cheap long distance and video chat, and Niecy will still know me. And let's face it, nothing's going to keep my parents away from their grandchild for more than a few months at a time, so there will still be visits. AND: Dothan is so close to the beach. It's like a gift-wrapped beach excuse!

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For the past nine years, one or both of my siblings have lived in Nashville. It's become my second home, and at first I felt like I was losing that too. But my BFF Emily lives outside the city, and several local friends have expressed interest in day trips anytime I want to go. So Nashville, you can't get rid of me that easily. :)

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Bottom line: It's going to be okay.

(Pictures taken at the Opryland Hotel, one of my favorite places.)

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  1. It will. :) And I like that you have an awesome beach excuse! I need more family members to move closer to the ocean! But still driving distance away.