Monday, January 7, 2013

These Trees Are On Fire

bonfire13 (1)

On Saturday night, I went to a mass Christmas tree burning. I'd never seen anything like it! A guy from my church does this every year on his family's farm. A group of people drove around town all day collecting nearly-dead trees that were left out on the curb, and ended up with 65 trees. The pile of trees alone was impressive, but the fire was incredible.

bonfire13 (3)

I started to get nervous a couple of times! This really showed me why real Christmas trees start so many house fires. The whole pile went up in minutes. (It smelled nice and piney, too.)

bonfire13 (4)

I've ordered a new camera, and I wished I had it to capture all the sparks against the night sky (my current camera isn't up to the task). It was weirdly beautiful. When the fire died down to a normal level, we made s'mores... so the trees' sacrifice was not in vain. :)

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  1. Even if your camera didn't do justice to the fire, that last picture is amazing!