Monday, January 21, 2013

Music Mixup Swap: January

Very old picture of my iPod... back when my phone matched!

I love putting together mixes and playlists. It's practically my spiritual gift. So when Kim at The K.O. Story (a fellow Memphis blogger) announced a Music Mixup Swap, I was in! The theme for this month was, appropriately, New Beginnings. Kim matched me with Christine from A Day In The Life. I checked out her blog to get an idea of her musical taste, and sensed right away that we would be sympatico. Unfortunately, thanks to the lovely U.S. Postal Service, Christine hasn't received her mix yet. It has a lot of my usual suspects on it, though. The CD she made for me arrived right on time:


I already know and like most of these songs, and have even put a few of them on my annual soundtracks. The songs I didn't know were great too. This CD was the perfect accompaniment this weekend as I drove around enjoying the sunshine! Thanks Christine! :)

I'm looking forward to next month's swap!


  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed this month! It looks like you got a great mix of songs, and I'm sorry Christine hasn't gotten her mix yet. I'm adjusting the time frame next month to make it a little easier on shipping. Thanks for joining in on the first month!

    1. Thanks for organizing this! I mailed the CD on January 10, which you'd think would be plenty of time. It figures.