Friday, January 18, 2013

Week In Review

Imagine Dragons - I was so inspired, I made this myself from my own photo

This has been a rough week, so in an effort to counteract, I'm going to list a few positive things that have happened:

- I finally got some good medication for eternally-sick me, and my eternally-sick cat.

- If my sick cat needs more testing, I found out it won't be prohibitively expensive like I thought. (I keep meaning to post about her, if only for other cat people, but I've been waiting forever for a diagnosis.)

- I received helpful and encouraging writing advice from an experienced friend (sorry I haven't responded yet!).

- The Tigers are 3-0 so far in conference play. We can't take this for granted.

- @FantasyPastner followed me back! (Honestly, I think this was the highlight of my week.)

- My Wednesday night church small group is meeting again after a long hiatus. I'm very thankful for these kind, genuine people, who care about what's going on in my life and don't let me get away with evading questions.

- I have a new blog follower - shoutout to Sassy Southern Mama!

- I've gotten a lot of compliments on my new haircut and general appearance (an area where I always need encouragement). A co-worker even compared me to Anne Hathaway. Which is totally absurd, but I'll take it.

- I'm finally reading Gone Girl. I was on the Kindle waiting list at the library for months. I'm over halfway through already, and will DEFINITELY need to discuss it when I'm done! I mean WOW.

- It's a three-day weekend. Hallelujah! I know it's nice to do some sort of community service on MLK Day, but seeing as I've been sick for two months, I'm just taking a pass to rest as much as possible.


Totally unrelated: Can anyone provide good tips for using Google+ in connection with my blog? Thanks to Alyssa, I found out that I was a no-reply blogger, meaning no one could reply to comments I left on other blogs. I think I've fixed it now, but what else do I not know about? :\ Google+ and the "new" Blogger are so difficult to figure out and use. I understand why most people eventually migrate to Wordpress.


  1. Aww, thanks for the shoutout lady!

    LOVE that I've found a fellow Tigers basketball fan! And I would be stoked if Fantasy Pastner followed me back! I loved the "Who the coffee beans stole my flash cards?" before the Rice game. HI-larious.

    And DEFINITELY let us know your thoughts on Gone Girl! I have been toying with reading it, but have heard mixed reviews.

    1. I know! I LOL at everything he tweets!

      I'll probably post some thoughts, but it'll be hard to do without spoilers!

  2. Daniel says Gone Girl was his favorite book of 2012. I just started it. You'll have to email him when you're done

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  4. Oh, my book club is reading Gone Girl this month! Plan to start as soon as I finish The Lucky Ones.

    1. Is that the Nicholas Sparks book? I'm not really into him, but I read that one and it was okay.

    2. No, not a particular fan of his either. It's the third Bright Young Things Novel by Anna Godbersen.

  5. So sorry about the tough week, but it's good to hear you thinking positively amidst it all. I hope everything gets better! Enjoy the 3-day weekend.

  6. So yesterday I was trying to link to my blog on Facebook and it said that my blog no longer existed. I'm still not sure what happened, but I was able to get it back. Talk about a panic attack. Wordpress may be in my future.