Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday Links and More

Some of these links and topics are a little old, but I still want to share them!


The Lizzie Bennet Diaries rule. Even if you're not a huge Pride & Prejudice fan, it's worth getting into just from a modern-adaptation/interactive-story perspective. Bernie Su and co. are doing some revolutionary stuff. I only recently got up to date - it took me three or four hours to watch all the previous episodes. Worth it, though.

♥ This is a couple of weeks old, but here are the Memphis Flyer's Top 15 Memphis Tigers of All Time. The Commercial Appeal also weighed in a while back, and it was the only time I've ever been uplifted by their comments section! CA commenters are notorious for good reason. I always tell myself not to read the comments on the Tiger articles, but I do it anyway and then I have to shake the haters off and the black clouds away from my head.

What's That Big Thing God Wants You To Do? (It might not be as big as you think.) I had already starred this article when I realized it was written by Susan Isaacs, author of one of my favorite recent reads, Angry Conversations With God. Kindred spirits!

♥ Beautiful Things talks about why she loves Beyonce. Preach it!

♥ Sarah Bessey wrote a heartwarming ode to her dad and other mighty men of valor: Gibor Chayil!

♥ Shauna Niequist recently posted about the evolution of her upcoming book, Bread & Wine. I'm thrilled to announce that I have an advance copy and will be posting extensively about the book in about a month. My first big-time ARC, and what a way to start! :)

Honoring the Wanting, by Kristin Tennant. One of my favorite newly-discovered bloggers.

Post of The Week: On His Affair Being My Fault. Before you judge a divorced Christian, or one having serious marriage problems, READ THIS. I have never related so deeply to an article on this topic.


I've started actively praying for this blog and my writing in general, asking God to give me the words He has for me and platforms to share them on. Meanwhile, people have been encouraging me to write more openly about my experiences, and about marriage and singleness. Some of those encouragements have come out of nowhere. Despite my passion for those topics, the thought of cutting myself loose in print terrifies me. I told one friend that publicly airing my revised, informed opinions about marriage and gender roles could get me thrown out of the PCA. :\ Besides, beliefs and convictions evolve over the course of your life, and what if I'm wrong? What if I draw lines in the sand only to jump over them later, and look back and cringe at myself? What if people disapprove? Who's going to take some random divorced chick seriously anyway? Won't I look like I'm unhealthily stuck in the past (I'm not)? What if I overshare and get hit with a terrible vulnerability hangover? SCARY STUFF. But I think I'm getting ready to test the waters.

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