Friday, March 1, 2013



Last weekend a bluebird visited my backyard! I see plenty of mourning doves, robins, sparrows, and the occasional cardinal or blue jay at the bird feeder. But a bluebird is a rare and happy sight. I immediately grabbed my new camera - one of the reasons I chose it is that it's supposed to be good for bird photography. I think these are fairly decent considering I took them from my breakfast nook!


In the spirit of the bluebird, here are a few Friday thankfuls for this first day of March:

♥ IT'S MARCH! February is over, and Daylight Savings, the first day of spring, Selection Sunday and March Madness, exciting new book releases, and other great things are almost upon us. It's also a three-payday month. YAY!

♥ We're having some snow flurries today! This winter has been very short on snow, so it's nice to get a little before it's too late.

♥ My cat Peach is doing great! I'm not sure how much weight she's gained because I don't have a scale, but she's a healthy, fluffy cat again after just one month of treatment. What a relief.

♥ I'm still feeling healthy too. I credit my daily regimen of immunity boosting vitamins. Haven't missed a day since I started taking them.

♥ I get to see all of my siblings AND my niece this month.

♥ I just ordered a necklace from TheKOJewelry that I've wanted for a while. Can't wait to get it.

These are the most delicious healthy muffins EVER and I've been enjoying them all week. You will never miss the lack of added sugar - the sweetness comes from the fruit. They're also gluten-free if you make them as prescribed. I used whole-wheat flour, though, because almond meal costs $11 for a small bag and my body is on good terms with gluten.


Happy weekend!

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