Monday, March 4, 2013

Evansville Weekend

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My parents and I visited my brother Kevin in Indiana last weekend! Although he's come home several times, I hadn't been to Evansville to see him since last February. He bought a house in August, so I was excited to see his new home and neighborhood for myself. I wish we could have stayed longer, but we definitely made the most of the time we had! On Saturday it snowed all day, but didn't pile up or interfere with traffic. It was just pretty. This is hard for Southerners like me to understand, but I loved it.

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As far as my family is concerned, the best thing about Evansville is the great restaurants! We feasted at our usual faves, Turoni's and Acropolis, and went to Kevin's favorite hibachi place, Zuki (where we got sushi as well as hibachi). I think I gained several pounds.

We also played darts at Kevin's house with some of his friends, and I demonstrated my terrible dart skills. I don't remember being that bad the few times I've played before, but this time I could barely hit the board! After a while I gave up and watched basketball.

I like Evansville, although I don't think I could live there. To me it seems like a nice place to take a sabbatical and/or writing retreat for a few months - all the wide open spaces are good for your head. Kevin loves it there, and I'm happy for him!

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  1. You guys are all so cute. Glad you had a good time!