Friday, March 22, 2013

Fashion Friday

It may be finally, officially spring, but we were under a winter weather advisory last night. I suspect true spring will take its time getting here this year. Womp womp. But I'm still thinking ahead to spring attire!

I've been pleasantly surprised by Old Navy's dress selection the past couple of years. I'm very tempted by both of these, but I'd have to try them on first! Old Navy dresses that look great on the model often look terrible on me.

Two takes on black and white stripes. I've pinned some version of the Loft dress for several seasons now, so maybe I should get one already!

I'm loving Loft's array of eyelet dresses (though they're all too expensive at the moment). I'd probably choose the turquoise one. We brunettes really rock the turquoise.

This gorgeous ensemble is from the spring Ruche lookbook. I'm not into that bag, but I'd like one of everything else, please.

On the homemade fashion front, I haven't been sewing much. A friend asked me to help her make some seat cushion covers, and I've been dragging my feet on that project for about a million years now. (Sorry Tessa! :() But if I ever finish those, I want to try my hand at a skirt again. I have enough skirt tutorials to keep me busy well into summer. The last one I made came out okay, but I'm not sure if it looks okay on, so I haven't worn it anywhere. Anyway, my first warm-weather sewing project will be this Scalloped Shorts Tutorial. It's cute, unique, and looks like it can be finished in an hour or less. Win-win!


  1. Those shorts are super cute and totally customizable! I hadn't ever heard of the Fray Check they talk about on the link, but I definitely need it!

  2. I'm seriously obsessed with dresses from ModCloth. Have you bought any from there yet?